INSECTS for sale

Fake Moth / Butterfly

More examples available in Gallery.

Currently available moths:

Elephant Hawkmoth adult and caterpillar (20.5x15.5cm frame)
£40 + postage

Brown Hairstreak Butterfly adult and caterpillar (20.5x15.5 frame)
£40 + postage

Lobster Moth adult and caterpillar (17.5x12.5cm frame)
£40 + postage

Death's Head Hawkmoth  (17.5x12.5cm frame)
£25 + postage

Oleander Hawkmoth (17.5x12.5cm frame)
£25 + postage

Purple Hairstreak butterfly (17.5x12.5cm frame)
£25 + postage

The followings are in 11x10cm frame and all £15 + postage
Goat moth caterpillar, Canary Shouldered Thorn, Marbled White Butterfly, Grizzled Skipper, Marsh Fritillary, Buff-tip, Gold Spot.

Pin Badges / Magnets
£5 each +postage

Pin Badges / Magnets
£6 each +postage

Caterpillar Key rings
£5 each +postage

Smaller Pin Badges / Magnets
£2.50 each +postage

A packet of 5 Postcards 
A packet contains 5 different designs (Canary Shouldered Thorn, Hummingbird Hawkmoth, Brown Hairstreak, Lime Hawkmoth and Herald) and 5 envelopes
£5 per packet +postage

Front & Back
Size 14cm x 10.6cm

£6 per set +postage
Cinnabar Moth and Caterpillar on Ragwort

£7per set +postage

Life Stage Brooch
£7.50 +postage

Available in antique bronze or silver.
Monarch butterfly, Emperor moth male or female, Brown Hairstreak butterfly.

Moth O'clock (12cm diameter)
£20 +postage

If you would like to order, or haven't found your favorite moth or butterfly, please send your request to:

Please note that larger orders (5+ of any one species) may take a little longer to be completed.